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Book Publicist is Reviewed by Historical Fiction Author

Author Barbara Crane hired me as her book publicist to organize a virtual tour for her historical fiction, When Water Was Everywhere, winner of a Beverly Hills Book Award. ... (more)

Web Conferencing for Authors: How to Connect with Your Readers Online

The publishing industry has so many outlets that new technologies are constantly reinventing book marketing and the ways authors connect with readers. For several years now, web conferencing... (more)

Stephanie Barko, Literary Publicist: Which Social Networking Platforms Should Authors Use (video)?

The State of Digital Influence

To my Followers who Blog and Fellow Book Bloggers: As you may know, Technorati’s State of Digital Influence annual report is a huge resource for bloggers about bloggers. The way Technorati... (more)

Mistakes of Debut Authors

Mistakes of Debut Authors by Stephanie Barko, Literary Publicist Prior to being published, first time authors frequently make mistakes that damage or even preclude their book’s marketability.  Commonly,... (more)

Selling Books on the Radio

  San Francisco Book Review published my tips about Pitching and Selling Books on the Radio, which you can read at What good results can you report... (more)

Career Changer in the Publishing Industry: An Interview with Stephanie Barko

The University of Texas at Austin’s Business School published their interview of me today. If you have ever career changed, you will relate to this. If you’re contemplating... (more)

Texas Writers Month: Author Interview Schedule

May 1 – S.C. Gwynne May 2 – Suzy Spencer May 3 – Stephen Harrigan May 4 – Kathleen Kent May 5 – Ben Rehder May 6 –... (more)

Texas Writers Month: Author Interview Series

May is Texas Writers Month. Each day in May at this blog, an exclusive interview with a bestselling Texas author will be posted. Some authors will even be... (more)

Branding for Authors

Read this “Branding By Association” article  featuring branding expert Dan Schawbel today. Lots of good tips here, especially for those who are feeling they are at the bottom of... (more)