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Donate Your Books – Support Our Troups

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SUPPORT OUR TROUPS BY DONATING YOUR BOOKS Art Mills, award winning author of The Empty Lot Next Door, is stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan and requesting print books for he and... (more)

Ten Years After 9/11: How Are You Commemorating The Anniversary?

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How will YOU mark the day that changed the United States forever? Early this morning I will watch the dedication of the 9/11 Memorial on NBC. Later in the day, I hope to... (more)

Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year!This is the year of the rabbit. The rabbit is considered the luckiest of all symbols in the Chinese zodiac. Writers, authors, book bloggers, and... (more)

National Handwriting Day

Today is National Handwriting Day. When was the last time you wrote someone a note with a pen, put a stamp on it, and mailed it? Was it... (more)

2010’s Five New Words

Below are five new words created in 2010, according to New York Times’ Grant Barrett, a lexicographer specializing in slang and new terms. Coffice: a coffee shop habitually... (more)

Preditors & Editors Readers Poll

After severe software failures the first two weeks, the 2011 Annual Preditors & Editors Readers Poll is finally functional through January 26, 2011. Follow below instructions to register... (more)

Top Ten Nonfiction Books of 2010

The Christian Science Monitor released their pick of top ten nonfiction books of the year today. You can check it out at http://www.csmonitor.com/Books/2010/1130/Best-books-of-2010-nonfiction/Daring-Young-Men-by-Richard-Reeves Comments?

2010 Top Ten Best Books

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This year Library Journal decided to initiate a top ten best books list for fiction and nonfiction. The list, compiled with the input of librarians and LJ book... (more)

Current Event Tie-Ins

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Now is the time to promote your book if you can establish a tie-in to the entertainment industry. During the first sixty days of any year, the following... (more)

Western Writers of America Convention

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Last weekend I flew to Scottsdale to watch two of my authors pick up Spur Awards at the 55th Annual Western Writers of America Convention. At left, prolific... (more)