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Blogging for Authors: Is blogging dead?

Big news hit the Internet last week when blogging pioneer Andrew Sullivan of The Dish announced his retirement. In a post for the New York Times, Sullivan stated a... (more)

10 Tips of Book Marketing: Authors Online [video]

Literary Publicist Stephanie Barko discusses the author’s online presence. Tip #5: Authors Online Authors online need to be visible three ways– through their website, blog and social suite.  These three... (more)

Stephanie Barko, Literary Publicist: Which Social Networking Platforms Should Authors Use (video)?

What Does A Book Publicist Do?

The internet and the democratization of the publishing industry have made it easier than ever today to publish a book.  With so many people publishing material in so... (more)

Top 10 Social Bookmarking Sites for the Nonfiction & Historical Fiction Writer

Whether you’re trying to pick up traction for a new blog or wanting to expand your existing blog following, experts agree that book marking your blog posts is a good idea. If you’re... (more)

National Writing Day Book Giveaway

Today is the National Day on Writing (Note:  Above website is so jammed today that it’s like the day Target started selling Missoni!) Comment below about why you write before this Sunday night and be... (more)

Author Websites: Has Google Found Yours?

As a book publicist, I frequently end up guiding authors into a new or upgraded website. Not only does a website help me promote the author, but if... (more)

Social Networking for Readers

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If you like to read and share your book recommendations with others, consider joining a social networking community for readers like GoodReads, Library Thing or Shelfari. The longer... (more)

Social Networking for Authors

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One of my new year’s resolutions is to get better at Social Networking. Is it one of yours too? To improve the likelihood that a visitor will stay... (more)