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10 Tips of Book Marketing: Authors Online [video]

Literary Publicist Stephanie Barko discusses the author’s online presence. Tip #5: Authors Online Authors online need to be visible three ways– through their website, blog and social suite.  These three... (more)

10 Tips of Book Marketing: Author Events [video]

Literary Publicist, Stephanie Barko, gives you the secret to success for your author events. Tip #4: Author Events Unless you are an airline employee like my award-winning memoirist... (more)

A January To-Do List for Authors

Certain author marketing functions are best planned at the beginning of the year. In fact, annual planning in January is so important that if authors don’t do it,... (more)

Q&A with Sarah Johnson of Historical Novel Society Plus Giveaway

Today as my guest, help me welcome Sarah Johnson, Review Editor (for 11 years) of Historical Novels Review. In her guest post, Sarah gives you the scoop on... (more)

Book Marketing & Author Promotion at Book Festivals

This weekend I had the pleasure of presenting workshops on book platform building & author marketing to the annual East Texas Book Fest. The synergy available when authors,... (more)

Book Platform Series

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Writing a book and finding a publisher are not enough in today’s crowded marketplace to make a book sell. In this series, I will for the first time... (more)

Fiction or Non-Fiction?

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I’ve worked with many authors who wonder if they should write fiction or nonfiction. In the era of the memoir, authors have become less inclined to write fiction,... (more)

Critique Group Give and Take

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Critique groups are a great way to get feedback on your manuscript. As a member of a group you will be responsible for providing input on co-members’ works.... (more)

Who We Write For

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While the task of writing is often a solitary pursuit, it is only half of the process. Like the proverbial tree in the forest, the acknowledgement of one’s... (more)