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10 Tips of Book Marketing: Author Events [video]

Literary Publicist, Stephanie Barko, gives you the secret to success for your author events. Tip #4: Author Events Unless you are an airline employee like my award-winning memoirist... (more)

10 Tips of Book Marketing: Blogging [video]

To blog, or not to blog? Literary Publicist, Stephanie Barko, discusses why authors should be blogging in this short clip. Tip #2: Blogging Why is blogging so important for... (more)

Sell Books in Large Quantities with No Returns

Do you want to sell more books in large quantities with no returns? In previous posts I have mentioned social media and virtual tours, but not how to... (more)

10 Tips of Book Marketing: Book Reviews [video]

Literary Publicist Stephanie Barko discusses the importance of book reviews in this short clip. Tip #3: Book Reviews Why are book reviews so important? They are important because... (more)

10 Tips of Book Marketing: Book Covers [video]

Literary Publicist, Stephanie Barko, discusses the value of book covers. Tip #6: Book Covers   Book covers sell books. Most of us would agree on this, right?  If... (more)

Web Conferencing for Authors: How to Connect with Your Readers Online

The publishing industry has so many outlets that new technologies are constantly reinventing book marketing and the ways authors connect with readers. For several years now, web conferencing... (more)

Stephanie Barko, Literary Publicist: Book Promo Class video

Stephanie Barko, Literary Publicist presenting her Promotional Panorama Workshop to members of the Writers’ League of Texas at St. Edward’s University in Austin on 5/25/13. Videography by Nicole... (more)

What Is A Book Publicist?

The internet and the democratization of the publishing industry have made it easier than ever today to publish a book.  With so many people publishing material in so... (more)

Authors – Pull Free Traffic To Your Website

Authors – Here’s a free and easy way to pull traffic to your website or blog. If you follow through on this, you will get in on the... (more)

Selling Books as an Author/Speaker

Today my guest is author/speaker Tweed Scott. Tweed’s beautifully designed nonfiction, a paperback with flaps,  is a set of interviews with folks like Darrell Royal, Kinky Friedman and Liz... (more)